【Official】Gero Onsen Hanarenoyado Tsukinoakari

Beautiful skin hot spring in your room! All rooms in the center of the Gero Onsen Town with an open-air bath Separate Hanare no Yado


·Ranked No. 1 in the Tokai area in the Rakuten Travel Hot-Sell Hotel Ranking (less than 10 rooms)
·Little Star Award"Little Star Award" at the Rakuten Travel Award for the first time at a hotel in Gero Onsen
·Every room type is away.Please enjoy a spectacular holiday with a quiet distance
·Every room has a made of Mino stones inner bath, open-air bath, foot bath (all natural springs)
·Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available in rooms and lounges and lobby (free)

Gero City PR movie

  • You can see the latest Gero City PR movie

    Gero Spa Tourist Association is a Gero City PR movie produced by the Gero Spa Tourist Association. This time it is a winter version. We introduce a lot of good points in Gero City in winter.Please see PR movie from above link.

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