【Official】Gero Onsen Hanarenoyado Tsukinoakari

Beautiful skin hot spring in your room! A Hanare no Yado with an open-air bath in all rooms in the center of Gero Onsen Town


·Ranked No. 1 in the Tokai area in the Rakuten Travel Hot-Sell Hotel Ranking (less than 10 rooms)
·Every room type is away.Please enjoy a spectacular holiday with a quiet distance
·Every room has a made of Mino stones inner bath, open-air bath, foot bath (all natural springs)
·Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available in rooms and lounges and lobby (free)
·All rooms are non-smoking

For customers using GoTo Travel by making a reservation from the official website

  • A 35% discount (up to 14,000 yen) on the room rate per person per night using GoTo Travel

    Booking from the official website alone does not apply to GoTo Travel discounts.Please follow the procedure below(GoTo Travel is currently suspended and is not available)

    1. Make a reservation for accommodation from the official website (Please select local payment as the payment method).(Voucher discount is not available for online card payment)
    2. After you make a reservation, in order to get the discount coupon for GoTo Travel, please go to the coupon site "STAY NAVI" and get the discount coupon.(Link below)
    3. When you arrive at the inn, please present a discount coupon and we will give you a discount at the time of payment

Gero City PR movie

  • You can see the latest Gero City PR movie

    Gero Spa Tourist Association is a Gero City PR movie produced by the Gero Spa Tourist Association. This time it is a winter version. We introduce a lot of good points in Gero City in winter.Please see PR movie from above link.

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