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Hotel Facilities

Lounge Hana Usagi

  • Please spend a calm time with calm Japanese-style lounge "Hana Usagi".


  • Souvenir of Hida is also available, of course Hida sake.

Sarubobo Specialty Store"Sarubobo House" (annex)

  • In the annex, there is a Sarubobo Specialty Store"Sarubobo House".In addition to Sarubobo (lucky charm), Sarubotanda strap and netsuke, there are a lot of Sarubokobo products such as sweets.Please come.

    【And the Sarubobo (lucky charm)】
    Snow deep Hida Folk Village Hida no Sato.A doll that grandma made for children for ages.As it is similar to monkey baby, it is called "Sarubobo (lucky charm)", and it is still familiar as an amulet as a guardian of good man (monkey) · (monkey) amenity · amulet.

Sarubobo Seven Lucky Gods Shrine (annex)

  • There is "Sarubobo Seven Lucky Gods Shrine" in the annex.Seven life-sized Sarubobo (lucky charm) wait for your visit.Please come to memories of the trip.

Sarubobo Golden Ashiyu (Annex)

  • If you come to Gero Onsen you can not take out the bath, of course, you can not remove the footbath.Because it is a foot bath of natural hot springs, not only the efficacy of hot springs, but also the circulation of the blood from the leg improves, stress, tiredness, tension is softened.Please enjoy a pleasant moment with close friends, couples, and families.