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Beauty salon salon

  • There is a beauty salon salon for private rooms.

    【Aroma Body Treatment】
    Short aroma body, 20 min, 3500 yen
    Basic aroma body, 50 minutes, 8000 yen
    Long aroma body, 80 minutes, 13500 yen
    Short refle, Half an hour, 5000 Yen
    Basic reflation, 50 minutes, 8000 yen
    【Raindrop】 ※If you have allergies, we may refuse.Please contact us.
    Trial Raindrop, 50 minutes, 11000 yen
    Long rain drop, 80 minutes, 16000 yen

    Contact information
    Tel: 080-5103-1177
    Email: amelino.123.kagayaki@ezweb.ne.jp
    (Reply to email may take 1-2 days)