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Correspondence to new corona

About correspondence of this facility for infection prevention of new coronavirus

  • At this facility, the following measures are being taken as a preventive measure against new coronavirus infection so that customers can use the inn with peace of mind.

    〈Employee initiatives〉
    ●I wear a mask during business such as customer service, cooking, cleaning
    ●Obligatory gargle, hand washing and disinfection
    ●We measure body temperature and check health when going to work

    〈Measures to prevent the spread of infection in this facility〉
    ●Disinfection alcohol is installed at the front desk, in front of the elevator, etc.
    ●At the front desk and shop, acrylic plates are used to prevent splashes.
    ●Both dinner and breakfast will be served in a private room restaurant
    ●Alcohol disinfection is performed for the frequently used items each time.
    ●Shared areas such as the lobby will be used at intervals.
    ●Rooms are well ventilated during cleaning
    ●We manage and decentralize the crowded situation of the bathhouse

    〈Request to customers〉
    ●At check-in, please cooperate with body temperature measurement (thermometry).
    ●Please wear a mask when moving inside the facility except in the guest room.
    ●If you experience fever or other symptoms during your stay, please notify the front desk or employee immediately.In the unlikely event that a new coronavirus is suspected, we will immediately contact the competent public health center with the consent of the customer and take measures to prevent the spread of infection according to the instructions.